My humble little blog is nearing 1,000 views—a small milestone. And what’s a milestone for, really, but an excuse to pause for reflection?

Living abroad heightens your awareness of even the prosaic, everyday experiences. London is not that different from New York; there are differences, but they are subtle enough that you really have to tease them out. But that’s just it—the very fact that I’m in London and not New York is what keeps me pondering, snapping photos, asking questions about how things are done here.

A jaded New Yorker rediscovering her sense of wonder and eager curiosity, is what it is.

So my thousand-views milestone: I want to retain this awareness, the excitement that comes from learning small turns of phrase or noticing a colorful window display. In whichever city I end up after finishing my program, I hope I’ll have my camera at the ready and my adventure antennae perched high.


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