Fresher’s Flu

Well, whaddya know. After two weeks of coughing, I finally started taking some medicine and am feeling immensely better.

In my defense, feeble though it is, I thought at first that it was just a minor cough and would go away. It didn’t.

Then, I was lazy because I didn’t know what kind of cold remedy to buy here, since the brands are different. A week ago, having survived the worst stomach flu of my life but still fighting a stubborn cough, I bought a generic drugstore brand cough syrup that was the nastiest, most ineffective stuff I’ve ever taken. I took a capful before I went to sleep, and woke up coughing in the middle of the night. Thanks for nothing.

But Lemsip? Oh, I am a believer. It’s a lemon (or black currant) flavored powder packet, you mix in some hot water and voila! I’ve been drinking a cupful at night before I go to sleep, and each morning I’ve woken up noticeably improved. And it tastes lemony and soothing too. Robitussin / Dimetaap / Vicks / Dayquil / Nyquil don’t compare. Another UK win!


I am not being paid for this, in case you were wondering. Just a very happy, cough-free customer!

And yes, I am going to get a flu jab this year!


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