South Bank: Real Food Market

I stumbled upon another small market today (there are so many of these!) at the Royal Festival Hall, nestled under the all-seeing Eye of London. I meant to bike over to Soho to pick up some Thai food, but took a wrong turn, ended up crossing a bridge over to the South Bank and just followed my nose from there.

What I ate today:

A free taste of hog. The poor hog is just lying there whole. You can still see the vertebrae!

Seafood paella: £6.50

Crepe: £3.50. I had the special — cinnamon and British cox apples. I’d been craving crepes ever since eating at the little blue-painted crepe stand in Marais… These did not disappoint. Tres delicieux!


Assessment of the day: The food is definitely not as bad as they say. These markets are the way to go!

Other photos from the market and around South Bank:

Apple-bobbing seems like a cute idea, but I thought I should spare other people from partaking in my germs, as I’ve been a bit sick. Nor did I want to partake in theirs, really.
Skaters and bikers practicing some tricks
Under the bridge
Above the bridge
Overlooking the Victoria Embankment

2 thoughts on “South Bank: Real Food Market

  1. Thanks! Saw a bit of your photography on your site — it’s beautiful! Mine’s mostly shoddy right now, since my camera broke and I’ve just been snapping shots on my phone. The upside is that it’s handy and I can sneak in photos just about anywhere!

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