A Colourful City

That’s right, colourful. I kind of want to ask a British person to pronounce it for me to find out if they’d pronounce it like it looks: “col-lure.” I doubt it, but I think they should.


I woke up this morning to the most glorious sunrise:

I’ve seen other beautiful sunrises outside my window too, but this morning the cloudy skies intensified the colors. Which made me think, although people say London is a grey city because it’s often cloudy, rainy or foggy, it actually is quite colourful. Maybe the greyness of overcast skies and stone buildings similarly amplifies those shocks of color.

So I devised a fun little project to look for all the expected and unexpected places where a bit of color livened up an otherwise cloudy day.

And one more photo of a subway, er, tube ad that was colourful in another sense of the word:


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