Apartment Share in Talbot Square

My friend S is coming to visit over New Year’s, and we booked flights to Prague. For January 2012. I repeat, 2012. Surreal. We then started looking up apartment shares because it’s more affordable than a hotel, more comfortable than a hostel and a good way to experience a city less as a tourist–which I’m all about. I found a site called Holiday Lettings very helpful; the information is thorough and well-laid out. If you know of any other apartment share sites, do let me know!

I then realized, any self-respecting establishment needs an online listing, photos and all. So here are a few photos of Hotel J, where I hope some of you will come and stay a few days. (I joke about calling my place a hotel, but it actually is interesting that there are quite a few hotels around here. And when I say “interesting,” what I really mean is “annoying” because the tourists jam up the tube station when I’m in a hurry to get to class on time.)


I live overlooking Talbot Square, which has a small courtyard garden and is located about a three-minute walk from Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.

The view from my window in the mornings is beautiful, especially on sunny mornings. London has strict building codes regarding how high you can build, which makes for gorgeous natural lighting (on the days that the sun actually shines).

Like today.


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