Efficient Bureaucracy? No way.

Alright, I’m impressed. The first batch of my postcard project went out on Monday afternoon, and arrived in NYC mailboxes three days later!

Photo courtesy of L in NY

(I blurred out the addy, so don’t even think of stalking my friend.)

I suppose if the speed of your mail service is tied reputationally to the crown, you’ve gotta be quick. The impressive postal service here brings the tally to UK/LSE: 2, US/SIPA: 0. (See previous.)

Not that I’m actually counting. There are great things about NYC, too, and today in particular I was missing it more than I have yet. But that’s for another day, another post.

Just a reminder that you can get a postcard by following the instructions here!


2 thoughts on “Efficient Bureaucracy? No way.

  1. my pleasure, ms. songbird! already excited to see you this side of the atlantic. S and i just purchased tix to prague!! the fares to and from amsterdam are pretty cheap right now too ;)

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