I’m on a Boat (Reprise)

Two weeks ago, I bought a ticket to go on a boat party with my church. It was my first time stepping foot in that church, but I felt at home right away, so, all gung-ho about getting plugged in, I took the plunge despite not knowing anyone there.

Then, on Tuesday, I faced incredulous stares from my MPA classmates. You’re not coming to our boat party? WHY?!

Um, of course I’m coming.

So, on Wednesday, I boat partied. It was cold. I half lost my voice yelling into the chilly, wet wind.

Yesterday, I boat partied again. It was cold. Might I add, my sweaters and coats are still en route somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic, so… it was cold.

But it was worth it! The first time round, I got to know my classmates and had a great time on the dance floor. The second time was better yet—we were on a triple decker yacht with incredible views. I stood on the prow, feeling like thekingoftheworld! Plus, I was chatting with C, a native Londoner who filled in my knowledge gaps on the buildings’ history, which I appreciated.

Crossing the Prime Meridian*---two hemispheres at once!
Disney Castle?

The Eye is watching

Big Ben, Houses of Parliament

London Eye
Not your run of the mill ferris wheel

*The Meridian line separates the eastern and western hemispheres, demarcating Greenwich Mean Time. Hence, I think?, the green color of the laser coming from the Royal Observatory. (Not that you pronounce the green in “gren-itch”). The laser is a little hard to see in the photo, but quite visible when you’re there.


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