Via Royal Mail

Dear readers,

I like you. For two reasons.

One, I’m pretty sure the only people who come across this blog are people I know, redirected by my Facebook or Gmail links. (Hi, Mom!—my very first email subscriber.)

Two, I’ve been having a blast writing again. I haven’t written much of anything for public consumption since my high school newspaper and xanga days. Heh. And a large part of what makes writing enjoyable is having an audience and interacting with you, whether through comments or follow-up conversations.

Still, there’s something about the handwritten word. The letter in your mailbox. Coffee stains on a postcard.

I guess I’m a little nostalgic that way.

So I’d like to send you a postcard. I unfortunately can’t send one to absolutely everyone, for time and cost’s sake, but I promise to send postcards to at least the first ten people who email me. If you’d like, send your mailing address to convergentjourney at gmail dot com, and wait for a royally mailed piece of cardstock in your mailbox. I’ll try to send out the first batch of 10 this weekend, and hopefully keep sending more throughout the year.

Warmly yours,

Letters from London


I’ve finished the first batch of 10! But don’t let that deter you if you want a postcard—I’ll keep sending more! Maybe not right away, but good things come to those who wait.


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