Knock ‘Em Dead

Whenever I move to a new place where Korean food is scant, my first Korean meal sets records for the amount of food consumed. The first Korean meal I had in college, I ate so much that I had to lie down for fifteen minutes before I could get up and walk home.

I’ve become less greedy since then, so tonight I only ate three helpings. Heehee.

A home-cooked meal of ddukbokki, bulgogi, kimchi jun and rice! Bliss.

I didn’t take photos, so I’ll leave it to your imagination. Besides, you New Yorkers don’t need photos; you can just hop over to 32nd Street and eat the real deal! I must admit, I miss NYC most when I’m hungry….


2 thoughts on “Knock ‘Em Dead

  1. awwwww :( i miss our korean food making days. i miss having a korean roommate sometimes so that i don’ t have to be embarrassed by the overwhelming smell of kimchee whenever i sit down for dinner….

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