Six days in Paris.
Miles and miles of walking.
284 stairs to the top of the Arc de Triomphe.
Four museums in two days.
Large crowd, small Mona Lisa.
Ginormous paintings.
Geeky military history.
I never knew before that the Thinker was having a bad hair day. Or the formulation of a thought?
Baguettes and bistrots.
Rue Cler! Yummy.
Lots of other people in love. While I sightsee alone.
Cafe au lait, cafe au lait, cafe every day.
A barbarian picnic dinner in the Luxembourg Gardens.
(My request for a plastic knife resulted in plastic shrink wrap. So much for my French crash course.)
Biking Paris! Ahh, sweet relief for my tired feet.
The oldest tree (planted 1601), the narrowest building.
Crepes. Cheese. Crudites. Even cheeseburgers. The French do it better.
More people in love.
The city of light.

I could think of no other way to summarize Paris than to cram as many photos together as I could. The collage roughly maps out the geography of the sights.

Paris Sights

*Special thanks to B and C for the metro tickets – I barely had to buy any with the stash you gave me, especially since with all the walking and biking I didn’t use the metro much.

**Shoutout to V company for putting me up for a week! And thanks to K & C for equipping me with the best retort ever to racist comments.

And a sunset to send me off, back to Londres.


4 thoughts on “Paris!

  1. Racist comments? I want to hear more about that. I always wanted to save Paris for a romantic occasion. But who am I kidding? I should just go and explore! :)

    The collage looks great! How did you do that? Please enlighten me.

  2. you know how sometimes people yell out “konichiwa” or “ni hao ma” just cuz you’re asian? drives me nuts. so we decided to throw back a quick “hello” or “thank you,” also in the wrong language and pronounced horribly. like this: hello – or thank you –

    collage done in photoshop. seriously, it took forever. there must be a faster way…

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