Adorable, or Offensive? Fob Signs in a Cafe Window

Letos Caffe Window DisplayI paused at this cafe, which in eclectic turfy lettering exhorts passersby to to be “Every day healthy: Breakfast — Lunch” whilst luring them in with a windowcase display filled with… sweets. Go figure.

I tried to capture the lettering, and laughed when I saw the photo. But after a moment’s pause, I was left scratching my head. Are these guys being racist, making fob signs cuz I’m Asian? After all, who ever poses for someone else’s photo? Whenever I see tourists in NYC taking photos, I always avert my face, cascading my hair to cover it, because I’d much rather not end up in your album, thankyaverymuch. But maybe these guys are not quite so jaded, and they’re just really cute. Which is what I’m leaning toward. What say you—adorable, or offensive?

This one’s adorable, nElderly couple in the rain, Letos Caffeo doubt about it.

Seeing elderly couples walk arm in arm, men reading newspapers at their leisure on park benches and grandmas batting away at ping pong fills me with joy. So far, being in London doesn’t feel that different. First of all, there’s no language barrier, aside from the occasional confusion over American English terminologies. The city is very international, though the international makeup is different from the mix in New York. And despite the forewarnings about Brits being stodgy and not talking to strangers, I’ve been meeting great people—students in my dorm who come from everywhere and are also looking for friends, and even salesclerks who strike up conversation when they hear my “strong American accent” and give me discounts out of the blue.

The main difference I’ve noticed so far is that the pace of life is slower here than in New York—a welcome change. The generational mix attests to that; I’ve always felt that New York City is unkind to the elderly, and you mostly see young people flying about at breakneck speeds.

I think the change of pace will do me some good.

London love! <3


2 thoughts on “Adorable, or Offensive? Fob Signs in a Cafe Window

  1. I am leaning towards adorable too, as they seem Asian as well. Maybe it’s more solidarity, I guess…

    Cute old couples always make my heart feel warm and fuzzy, even when they are bickering.

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