Forms of Identification

That the first leg of my transatlantic move brings me to Florida seems ironic. The pace is so much slower here, the DMV just down the street and the DMV clerks so wonderfully friendly. Sadly but surely, even their friendliness of having me take my driver’s license photo three times didn’t make my photo any prettier. But I take comfort in the fact that my UK student visa photo looks rather nice. At least someday if I become famous in the UK, and they rummage through my paperwork for some mugshot to show on the news, I’ll look decent.

The visa itself seemed a bit of a ripoff, though. Having paid more than $400 for it, I thought it might at least have a hologram of Prince William, or some other sort of royal wedding memorabilia, embossed on it. But alas, just a metallic seal.

It’ll do. I’m far more relieved to have it in hand than anything else. The traveler’s curse that’s haunted my family (last-minute passport emergencies galore) has lifted! Onward, ho!


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